Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 4

Home from Friday night Mexican, we lounge in happy indolence on the sofa. Skimming half-heartedly through the finale of American Idol. We know who wins, we're just killing time. Critiquing performances. Allison's curled up near by reading her new book while keeping an eye out for David A. "He's very nice looking", she says, blushing slightly. The little ones, Ben & Clara, tumble and chase each other kitten-like through the house. Stopping occasionally to dance to the music. Or attempt a somersault. We share a look, he and I, the feeling tangible between us. There is not a word. Gratitude. Peace. Perfection - as close as we will get - in these simple moments of chaotic harmony.

I don't think I have complained once today, but that's not an accomplishment.

It's been a good day.


painted maypole said...

yay! a good day!

slouching mom said...


Sister K said...

sounds wonderful!!! sorry to Allison...i was rooting for david c.! ;)