Sunday, May 25, 2008

I heart summer

We went to my nephews' birthday party today. They turned two and were adorable. We had a wonderful time.

This picture right here: It's living proof that Jesus is still performing miracles today. It's my two older children. Getting along. And what's more...touching each other without inflicting pain.

And look! Here's another one: Be still my beating heart.

The rest of our gang was there too:
And let me just say that a picture of me in a bathing suit is something you will never see on this blog.

It was a great party and another wonderful day. Reality is bound to catch up with me soon.
Have a great Holiday Weekend!


painted maypole said...

looks and sounds way better than the birthday party we went today, which I just blogged about! ;)

Chrissy said...

ha ha ha. I was wondering if that was coming next.

Aren't Brandon and Allie adorable. I guess you need to install a pool now so they can act like that all the time.

Karen said...

all just lovely, especially you.

Sarah said...

My first whine of the day..."I need to move south". Have a great weekend.

Laurel Wreath said...

I love the pictures, in fact that is what we are doing today...heading to MIL's and swimming. You crack me up about the bathing suit.... that is one thing you will never see on my blog either.


PS I think of you every morning as I have my Dunkin Donuts coffee =)

Christine said...

i've just caught up here--love these pictures of your beautiful family.

happy, happy summer to you joy.

Kyla said...

That looks like we've done every day this weekend!

You are SO beautiful. I think that every time I see a photo of you.

Lisa writes... said...

Ditto on the swimsuit deal. I despise swimsuits, which were no doubt designed by a man! ;-)