Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Catching up

A while ago, Erin K tagged me for a Meme she created on music. I have been procrastinating on completing my task because as riveting as my blog typically is, a post completely on my tastes in music is apt to bring it to a whole new level of thrilling. Somewhere in the neighborhood of sorting socks. Because, you see, I am not much of a music aficionado. The only songs that ever get downloaded in this house are for my children. Which means that they are Hip Hop (Brandon), Broadway or Hannah Montana (Allie) or Laurie Berkner (Ben & Clara). It's sad but true. Music is just another area of my life where my own tastes have been diluted so much by those of my children that I can no longer make out what they once were.

However, because I wouldn't want to let Erin down, and because I could use the blog fodder, I am going to attempt it.

So here goes...Prepare to be thrilled:


What song is in your head? Well none right this second, but I actually have had a pop song in my head for the last week. I am kind of smitten with it and even more so after hearing the backstory. A song written to win a girl, named Delilah, no less. It didn't work, but it tugs at the teenage girl in me nonetheless.

What is the top album on your wish list? This is where you see how lame I truly am. Rock & Roll Oldies by Gymboree. They play this CD everytime we go to class and Clara dances like a maniac to it, but they stopped making or selling it and I have been unable to locate a copy. I guess another upbeat oldies compilation would probably have the same effect on my dancing queen. I would also like Noel by Josh Groban. Because I am a sucker for Christmas CDs & Josh Groban.

What is the most recent live music event you have attended? My friend and I attended a music festival in September called Celebrate Freedom which featured all day concerts by various Christian artists. We saw several artists, but this song by Nicol Sponberg was the one that brought me to tears.

What is the top live music event on your wish list? I have to admit that the top live music event on my list is the musical Wicked. Allie and I actually saw it when it came to Atlanta and have become mildly obsessed with seeing it again. I think we have the score memorized.

What are the top three albums currently in rotation at your house?
1. Well Wicked, of course.
2. Whaddaya Think of That? by Laurie Berkner. And can I just say I wouldn't be too heartbroken if I never heard this CD again. Ben has been completely smitten with Laurie Berkner for over a year but I have had about as much of her as I can stand. Thus the whole search for the Rock and Roll Oldies CD.
3. Pages by Shane & Shane. I recently won this CD from BooMama. I must admit I was iffy about it when I first listened to it. But it grew on me and I now reach for it whenever I am in the van sans Children. Which is like once a month.

Whew...okay, I made it through this. I am supposed to tag someone, but I am going to leave it up to all of you to tag yourselves.
Oh and one more bit of business I have been delinquent on.

I have not made a secret of my adoration and admiration for a certain blogger. Well believe it or not, all my sucking up worked, and she has awarded me a Community Blogger Award.
The description of this award reads "this is a person who reaches out and makes my blogger community a better one" Thanks so much Slouching Mom. Coming from you, this means the world to me.

And I am going to pass this award on to Lori. Because the description fits her perfectly. Her posts, and her comments, contiuously uplift and encourage me.


erin k said...

Hey, fun. I have heard good things about Wicked. I'll have to get a hold of the soundtrack. And, like you, I am a sucker for Christmas Music. Not Josh Groben so much though...

Lori said...

Oh... thank you so much. I am ever so grateful that I found you and that we can share in this unique and wonderful form of community.

slouching mom said...

The award was deserved, friend.

Christine said...

you deserved that award.

i would LOVE to see wicked.

karen said...

I hadn't heard Delilah before your post but the teenage girl in me (and probably the 20-something self) would have totally gone back to that guy. I have a Plain White T's ring tone on my cell - but that's probably the song he wrote after figuring out that Delilah wasn't coming back...it's the ring I use for people I don't really like talking to. :)

If you can get up to NYC, I can hook you up well for Wicked! And if you're willing to stay in the provinces, I know a nice guestroom you might take advantage of, too.

Anonymous said...

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