Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 4 - Signs Gratitude may be elusive this morning.

1. You spent the morning sleeping semi-upright on the sofa so you didn't keep your spouse awake trying to cough up your intestines.

2. Before the time change you were doing your very best to get your 3 year old to sleep until 7. This morning when he woke up at 6 he found the prospect of sleeping semi-upright with you on the sofa unappealing. Then your one year old who normally sleeps very late decided to join you at 6:30 because she couldn't breath.

3. Your eleven year old daughter got an attitude this morning because you happened to mention that her agenda book contained a stamp for homework not turned in. The nerve.

4. Your 3 and 1 year old were ornery and fought all morning long, resulting mostly in the 1 year old screaming her head off and while your 3 year old ran away and yelled "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

5. The one year old dumped your entire cup of coffee onto the area rug, herself and the clean laundry. Don't worry it was cold, you spent much too much time refereeing and cleaning up other messes this morning to actually have time to drink it.

6. You finally had to put your 1 year old down for a nap early because she was screaming so much you thought you might abuse her. This is not a joke. While she was wailing and trying to hit you to get away from having coffee cleaned off of her, you almost slapped her. You then decided that her screaming in her crib was preferable to child abuse.

7. Your 3 year old stepped on a tack that was on the floor because you were dumb enough to use tacks for your Halloween craft. He then hobbled around for the next half hour whimpering "I have a hole in meeee"

8. You have consumed half a pound bag of peanut M & Ms in the last 3 hours.

What I am thankful for: At this very moment they are both asleep. The house is quiet. Even if it does still smell distinctly of CoffeeMate Peppermint Mocha. I am profoundly thankful for quiet. Who ever woulda thunkit?


thirtysomething said...

AHHHH. Coffemate Peppermint Mocha. THAT is sanity in a cup. Have you tried Millstone's Peppermint flavor coffee? DIVINE, I tell you.

Naptime is a godsend, and this screaming thing with girls, they don't like, outgrow it do they? Reason I ask is that my 2 and almost 5 y.o. girls scream ALL the time. Sometimes I can't think of simple words for all the screaming...aarrgghh.
Happy Monday!
Hey, at least you had something to post about...;)

Beck said...

Some days just SUCK. Think how terrific tomorrow will be without even trying very hard!

Don and Lynn said...

1. That sucks! I hate that cough. I just got an email from my mom that said slathering vicks vapor rub on your feet and covering them with socks gets rid of that hacking cough. Weird, I know, but maybe worth a shot?
2. The twins have colds and can't breath either. The humidfier is of little help and now the darned FDA took infant decongestants off the market. I wish I had some stashed somewhere. Thank you to those handful of people who OD'd their kids on infant cold medicine!
3. We have attitude adjustments everyday!
4. Blake LIVES to take toys away from Brett to the annoyance of Mommy!
5. I hate cold coffee! Sometimes I'm so desperate, I just drink it anyways. Thankfully, I found a Starbucks thermos my mom got me last year for Christmas. It's a Godsend!
6. Mine went for a nap a 10:30 for similar reasons
7. That happened to me when I was little. I was walking outside and didn't even realize I had a tack in my foot until I started dragging grass and leaves around with me
8. Thank the Lord I don't have any M&M's in the house!
9. This has to be a record long comment!

painted maypole said...

oh.. a rough morning. but i have to smile at "I have a hole in meeeeeee...." hopefully it will make you smile later on, too.

Christine said...

what a morning. not unlike my own as my monsters, oh I mean little darlings, are home sick and are mean and snappy. and poopy. very poopy.

Lori said...

Oh Joy... who wouldn't be thankful for a little quiet after all of that!! I know I would!

Today was a preschool morning for Pumpkin- and I'm not ashamed to say I was VERY thankful for that!

Chrissy said...

Cute post, rough morning. I wonder why toddlers think getting things cleaned off of them is offensive? I'm glad she decided to take a nap for you anyway.

Kyla said...

#7 cracked me up. I have a hole in meeeeee!

But the rest, oh my!! I hope tomorrow you have so much to be thankful for that you won't even be able to choose.

Jenn said...

Did she stop when the attitude developed?

Or is that only something that happens here in the castle?

Hope tomorrow brings sunshine.

Be Inspired Always said...

Thank God for naptime. :)

If I started blogging when my children were really young I would have something to write about each day. Now that they are older they really don't inspire me to blog about them, unless it's to funny to pass up.

Sorry you had such a rough day, it'll be better tomorrow.


spaz said...

Thank you for making me laugh. I hope it's okay that I laugh at your life. You aren't offended by that, are you? Mostly I'm laughing at the cuteness of Ben and Clara and how crazy they make you. Because I can relate!