Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 17

Yesterday morning I attempted to take our annual Christmas Card picture of the children. The last two years I took their picture less than a week before Christmas, had them printed overnight and mailed them out December 22nd. I was determined to do better this year.

My children had other ideas.

They poked.
They shoved.
And most of all, they whined:

"Don't poke me. Don't push me. Look at the camera. Scoot over. The sun is in my eyes. Are you done yet?"

I took about 25 shots and didn't get one decent one of the four of them. Here's a sample.

I think Ben's expression says it all.

I ended up frustrated and depressed that my efforts to be on time were thwarted. I started planning when we could do a retake. Or maybe I should just spend the money and take them to a studio.

I didn't.

Tonight, on impulse, I picked the shot that was the least offensive of everyone and ordered my cards. I settled for mediocrity and I feel liberated.

My cards are ordered, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. And THAT'S what I am thankful for today.


Oh and pumpkin pie. We had Thanksgiving at my Mother's house today and she sent me home with a pie. I ate pie for dinner while ordering cards. It was like a hug, with spices. Thanks Mom.


painted maypole said...

dare I say that your thing to be thankful for was sort of a way of complaining about your day - like you said a few days ago you didn't want to do? not that I want to be negative here, there is surely something to be thankful for in not having to have perfection. ;)

karen said...

I hope you picked the picture above! I think Ben's expression DOES say it all...I would totally smile if I got that picture as a holiday card. :)

Chaotic Joy said...

Nope Maypole! I'm not guilty this time. I was genuinely proud of myself for letting myself off the hook and just selecting one of the shots I took. I actually did a happy dance when I did it. The cards were ordered. It felt like a step forward in taking some of the pressure off myself to have "the perfect Christmas"

I appreciate you keeping me in check though. I certainly need it.

Karen-Shane and I TOTALLY wanted to send that picture but Brandon and Allie were not happy with their semi-pained expressions. So I caved and picked one with much less personality.

nutmeg said...

There is nothing mediocre about that picture - it's beautiful!

I send Happy New Year cards using a Christmas morning picture. It's my way of being different but also giving myself an extra week to do the job! I often miss New Years, but what the heck!

Chrissy said...

Ah, remember the good ol' days when all we had to do was buy a box of cards and sign our name? I don't think mine were ever on time then, either.

We took our pictures early this year, too. I bribed them with Halloween candy.

Beck said...

Who wants perfect pictures anyhow? We sent out Christmas cards one year with a photo of The Boy sticking out his tongue, because that ended up being the best one.

the dragonfly said...

I love that picture!! And I'm glad you've taken some of the stress off yourself. :)

We have to do this over Thanksgiving, because that's the only time the Sergeant will be home.

The problem: the Sergeant has NO nice clothes. None. He has his class A uniform, but he won't wear that. So...either we'll all be casual, or the Little Mister and I will be dressed up and the Sergeant will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


Chaotic Joy said...

Dragonfly-I often think that casual pictures are the cutest. Maybe you could all wear jeans.

painted maypole said...

if you're happy, I'm happy. ;) yay!

Kyla said...

I love Ben's expression. Adorable.

And I am inspired by you! I'm a Late Lucy, too, but I think this week I'll try and take the kids Christmas card photo and get it all worked out. They still fit in their Christmas sweaters from last year, so I even have something festive.

Sometimes relaxing and settling good enough if WAY more satisfying than trying to get things perfect. I'm trying to teach that lesson to BubTar...every single day. LOL.

Lori said...

My Christmas cards are done too!! Isn't that a great feeling?!?

I thought that was a darling picture. It is so hard to get a good picture of multiple children (especially when two of them are small). Our second son, Little T, is our official Picture Grinch. Getting him to either not look grumpy or completely goofy is a real trick.