Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 11 - $3.00

Remember that sentimental giddy place I was in last night, where gratitude was flowing like rain.

Well, maybe not like rain exactly. At least not here.

But man, if there isn't something about Mondays that just makes me want to slap my shiny happy self from yesterday. On Mondays I am tired, and irritable that the laundry and mess in my home has multiplied over the weekend like Tribbles. And it always feels I am starting off another week of tediousness 3 steps behind.

And today was shining example of a Monday.

Which is why today I am thankful for Kinkos. Because they stay open until midnight. Which means that I could go there to print photos for Allison's project on Shirley Temple after I picked up Brandon from Basketball practice at 9:30PM.

And inside Kinkos it was quiet except for the hum of the computers and printers around me. And I just may have just sat there, at my terminal, for fifteen minutes longer than I needed to...purchasing a bit of alone time at the rate of 20 cents per minute. While Brandon sat in the car doing homework.

And I am thankful for that as well.

Best $3.00 I spent all week.


Lori said...

Oh, Joy, I hear you... Check out my blog and you will see what I spent most of my Monday doing. That and helping Big J write a three page persuasive editorial from the perspective of a character in a book. He's TWELVE for goodness sake!! Yeah. He really wrote the whole thing on his own.

Wish I could have met you at Kinkos!

julie said...

I very stongly dislike projects. However, I do agree, sounds like a great $3.00 break. Hang in there, Monday is just about over.

Chrissy said...

I love a good Star Trek reference. And you got a good deal: fifteen minutes of quiet time is priceless.

Kyla said...

Quiet for $3.00? Sounds like a steal. ;)

the dragonfly said...

Ha! Tribbles!! I love it. :)

(and you're right, that's how messes multiply...)

Beck said...

That's so funny. And I can well remember spending a few minutes longer than I needed to in the laundry room JUST TO GET AWAY FROM THEM for a little while. Hee.

Christine said...

forgive me for not commenting on all the previous posts, but i am overwhelmed with posts to read.

but let me say that i was at the copy shop today and I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!

and the night with your daughter--sounded heavenly!

painted maypole said...

he he he