Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 26

Today I am thankful for my sister-in-law who sent me this adorable shot of Ben and Clara from Thanksgiving. (I should have had her take my Christmas Card picture.)
Also for Rotisserie Chickens from our grocery store for those voice lesson/basketball practice days when I just can't get my act together.
And for my supportive bloggy friends, who occasionally get stuck listening to reading my confessions, and are gracious about it every time.


Lori said...

Awww.... look how serene and peaceful Ben looks! What a moment!

You know you should consider recruiting a friend to try and take your picture next year. Often my kids respond and BEHAVE much better for someone else! :)

You know you always have our support!

Kyla said...

Cuuuuuuute! Those wee kids are something else. :)

Christine said...

that is and adorable picture!

Don and Lynn said...

Your children are precious and I love them and you very much! I had the BEST time seeing everyone last week. Ben's expression in this picture captures his personality so well-sweet with a touch of mischieviousness to boot!

Ah Christmas pics, haven't even THOUGHT of doing that yet. It's impossible to take a picture of the boys together unless someone is holding them. And then, you just have a picture of them trying to squirm away. I think I'll just try to take them "doing their own thing" if ya know what I mean. :o)

nutmeg said...

OMG. They are delicious.

Beck said...

And yum, rotisserie chicken.