Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 9 - The magic of three

Yesterday morning Ben and I were sitting on the couch doing our morning snuggles, talking about the day to come. We have a routine where he says "Tell me about my day" and I tell him as much as I can about what his day will be like. I stole this idea from my cousin Ginger, and he loves it. Knowing the sequence of events that will occur has really helped to head off fits and transition problems, especially if we have a busy day. We go over it several times until he can repeat it back to me. He can't get enough of it, this itemizing of things in his day. And counting them. He'll declare proudly "I have 5 tings today".

Yesterday, we were talking about our errands. I told him we had to go drop off clothes at a store (consignment) where there would be some toys he could play with while he waited.

"And we go in mommy's car?" he asked.

"Mmm Hmm, my car"

"And you will be the driver and I will be the rider." He dictated.

"Yes", I said chuckling at his assignment of transportation duties.

We sat in silence for a moment

"Can I be a the driver?" he asked in a tiny, hopeful voice. "Or am I too wittle?"

"Oh honey, You're still too little" I responded.

"Oh." he said sadly. Sitting for moment. "But I am getting bigger now."

"Yes" I replied wistfully. "You really are".

Today I am thankful for my mischievous, lovable Ben, and the wonderful age of 3, where each day is full of wonder and adventure. For a boy who can't go an hour without making me laugh out loud.

We should all be so blessed.


slouching mom said...

Oh, Joy. Your words got to me -- so poignant -- and then that PHOTO! Lovely.

Chrissy said...

What an excellent picture of him. I love how he thinks he is almost old enough to drive. Hopefully it won't go by that fast.

Kyla said...

Perfect photo for a beautiful post.

Heather :) said...

Loved everything about that post!! Three is such a fun age! In a way, it's sad to think that Claira will be 4 in less than two months! And what an awesome pic.!

julie said...

What a beautiful picture. This was a great post. You are truly Blessed.

the dragonfly said... sweet. You are truly blessed!!

Jenn said...


Lori said...

I hope you are going to print that beautiful picture and get it into a frame, pronto!

This was so sweet, and his innocent question melted my heart.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hee Hee Lori, I would, but what you cannot tell from this view is the boy has SNOT on his face. Way to ruin a beautiful shot.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I do that at night when Eldest and Middle are tucked into their bunk beds. We "talk about our day".