Friday, November 23, 2007


I walked out the door to the garage this afternoon to run an errand. I found Brandon in the driveway playing basketball with Eric; a likable kid from our neighborhood he's been hanging out with for years. I gave a friendly greeting and went to get in the van. As I was pulling out I saw Eric hopping in a red jeep that was blocking me in. I hadn't been able to see it from the garage.

"Sorry" he yelled as he backed out of my way.

I stopped. Frozen in something like shock. It took me a moment to continue my commute out into the street.

That's his jeep. He drove here. My son's friend. He drove his own car to our house, and now he's moving it out of my way, all nonchalant like its NO BIG DEAL.

Phrases like, "Eric, will you move your car?" are going to become part of my everyday vernacular.

It's amazing how I could know something was coming. This new phase. The next step. I even knew that it had arrived; The Man and I had talked about it. Yet somehow, actually seeing it still knocked the wind out of me, like a punch in the gut.

My son's friends are driving.

I think I need a drink. No better yet, I think I need to pray. A lot. For like the next five years straight.

I am so not ready for this.

What I am grateful for: A lazy day. A clean kitchen. Taking my daughter and my niece to a charmingly gooey girly movie and loving it. All of us.


painted maypole said...

my next door neighbor (and #1 babysitter) will soon be driving. i am watching her parent's growing horror with interest.

Kyla said...

It happens fast. I'm glad my oldest is still in Kinder. Nowhere near driving age, although he is already asking.

Lori said...

Terrifying. I will pray for you too!

Amanda said...

Seems to me the cars mean you've run a damn fine race.
Hats off to you mama, hats off.

Catherine said...

Oh, that is a shock.

While I admit, my son is only 16 months old, I saw a teenager walk by me the other day and felt like I'd gone through a time warp and I was seeing what my life will be like in a shockingly short time. Wow...

By the way, I LOVE the photo of your reluctant muses. :)