Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 15 - It's The Man, again.

The Man just walked out the door. He bundled up Clara and Ben in coats and packed snacks and sippy cups while I was blow drying my hair. He nagged Brandon, and Allie and one of her friend's to get their shoes and coats while I was rummaging through sweaters to wear. Then he corralled all 5 kids out to the minivan to take them out to dinner leaving me here, sitting at the computer. To say I am thankful wouldn't do it justice. I am beholden, but even more so, I am smitten. There is something about a man that will take 5 kids out to dinner without batting an eye.

And in a few moments I will grab my small purse and get in the small car and go meet two girlfriends for wine and Hibachi.

But right now I going to sit here and savor this deliciously foreign experience of being here, in my own home, alone.


painted maypole said...

i LOVE being in my house alone. So much so that if my husband is home from work during the day I am often grouchy. Get out of my space, this is MY time!

Lori said...

There IS something about a man who will take five kids out to dinner without batting an eye!! What a guy!!

I hope you enjoyed your quiet time, and your night out!

Christy said...

I don't know what it is like to be in my own home alone, it is such a rare occasion.

Enjoy your evening, and can your Hubby maybe teach mine a thing or two?

the dragonfly said...

I haven't been alone in...well, about five and a half months.

But I love my little boy, he's so worth it.

Hope you had a great night!