Friday, November 2, 2007

30 Days of Thanks

So Simply Nutmeg drew my attention to an idea by Boogiemom called 30 Days of Thanks.

It's a version of NaBloPoMo where you post each day in November about something you are thankful for. I really thought this was a wonderful idea and I signed right up.

On November 2nd.

So, unfortunately, mine is going to be 29 Days of Thanks. But I have never been one to let being late for the party keep me from having a good time.

So each evening in November I am going to stop and reflect about what I am thankful to God for that day and write at least one sentence about it. And I hope at the end of this month I will have a renewed appreciation for the blessings I experience each day.

Which is not to say that some of my posts won't be a bit silly. Because it's still me afterall.

Oh and I am sending out a challenge to my friends that might also think this is a great idea. Will you join me in celebrating 30 29 Days of Thanks?

Oh, and I'll be doing my official thanks post for today, later this evening.


Kyla said...

You know what? Just write TWO things you're thankful for today, and it will all balance out.

nutmeg said...

Never to late to be thankful. Double up one day!

nutmeg said...

Could you please change that first to to too. Geez. I'm an editor!

Lori said...

I'm in!! Ummmm... starting today- hopefully!

painted maypole said...

such a great idea. i"m not so sure I can make any such promise about blogging this month, but I promise to think of one thing I am grateful for every day. at least.

And today I am grateful for getting to share the stage with some AMAZING singers. Yikes.

Christy said...

What an interesting spin on NaBloPoMo! Good luck! Mine isn't quite so structured ;)